We support dancers
in the process of career transition

Let us introduce the project

We are the only institution in the Czech Republic to actively support professionals in the field of dance, movement theatre and circus before and within the process of career transition. We are building up a system that will ensure appropriate conditions for career change.

The Dance Career Endowment Fund was founded by Vize tance and Dance Association, two professional associations that aim at improving work conditions and professional prospects of performing artists.  Read more  here

Jana Návratová, předsedkyně správní rady


we can help

The Fund helps professional performing artists (dancers, mimes, performers, acrobats etc.) cope with personal and professional changes that follow the end of active career in the respective field. We offer information the job market and its opportunities, thus facilitating the boosting of performing artists’ second career

What we offer:

  • up-to-date information on the job market situation, mediation of contacts, retraining etc.
  • individual coaching
  • career and personnel consulting
  • individual psychological consulting
  • legal counselling
  • informative thematic seminars and workshops
  • educative presentations for dance companies and schools

We shall deal with your situation individually

and offer you made-to-measure solutions.


The Fund’s team


Our experts

Jana Návratová                            Zdeněk Prokeš                            Jana Bohutínská                          Roman Vašek                              Petra Kašparová


The Patron

Prof. Dadja Altenburg-Kohl is a prominent philanthropist, arts collector, curator and arts benefactor, entrepreneur and doctor. She is a founder of the Montanelli Museum of Contemporary Arts, the DrAk Foundation focused on culture and health prevention and The National Theatre Benefactor’s Club. In 2015, she was awarded the national title Patron of the Czech Culture.
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Share your story with us. Our job is to help you and we’ll do it with pleasure.



 Support us

Investing in the Fund is empowering professional dancers and ensuring their right of choice. Regardless of its nominal value, your donation helps those who are in need of security and support. Find out more here


“There is this sorrow of letting go something that will never repeat itself and with it comes fear and insecurity as to the future. Deep inside, it indeed took me some time to fully accept that my dance career was over.”


Karel Littera, former principal dancer at the National Theatre Ballet in Brno, later its dramaturge